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SHS-Solace's Chimes of Freedom V TNSS
Aka Liberty

Liberty reigns from the state of New York out of Strauss Haus - Solace Shiloh Shepherds. Liberty is out of the Velvet/Angus litter. Liberty is the most sweet natured dog I have ever met, yet is still protective of her domain and pack. She is intelligent and very trainable. She picks up on training and queues very quickly. She also has a silly/ goofy side, which she gets from her sire, Angus!  She also picks up on my emotional state and can tell when I need her to be close. She is a velcro dog in the fact that she will follow me around the house to position herself so I am always in sight.


Liberty is some what of  a submissive girl with our pack and gets along with all dogs.  She is a playful girl with Arlo, my Springer Spaniel and Valor, the baby Shiloh of the pack. Liberty respects and has good manners with other dogs she does not know. I attribute this to her learning from my sweet, but stern and sometimes crabby, 15 year old Cocker Spaniel. Not only does she have good manners with other dogs, but also with adults and children. Although there are no kids in my home, I have many friends and family members who have young children, and Liberty does not shy from them. She is confident around them and allows the children to pet and hug her. This is a known trait in a Shiloh Shepherd - a wonderful family dog and the ultimate companion!


Liberty's high desire to please her human has made her a perfect candidate for service and therapy work and has assisted her in excelling in obedience and confirmation! 

SHS-Solace’s Chimes of Freedom v TNSS
aka Liberty
b. June 10, 2022 | Brown and gray sable plush
sire: Strauss Haus Gone Shootin v Solace (Angus)
dam: Strauss Haus Red Velvet (Velvet)
height/weight: 26″, 80lbs
hips: Pending 
heart: holter (0,0,0) 6M, 12/27/2022, and
OFA certification pending
dm: Pending 

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